• Sadie Hunter

Survey results are here!

First - thank you to everyone who took the time to share your thoughts with me by completing my survey.

Most of you have lived in Kamloops for over 10 years while some joined our community over the last five or so with representation from across all neighbourhoods and a range in age from 25-60 years old.

I doubt it will be a surprise to see the top

issues of concern are social issues, crime, and housing. As I write this, I'm listening to the provincial government release some of the 28 recommendations from a report into prolific offending in the province. The report came about after lobbying from the mayors from across the province who are all part of the BC Urban Mayors' Caucus, including Kamloops Mayor Ken Christian.

I will be sharing my thoughts on what these recommendations will mean on the ground in the next few days as the rest of the information is released. Needless to say, I'm optimistic we will have real and tangible solutions to address some of the most difficult challenges on our streets.

Finding a way to address these issues will go a long way to creating a more livable community. Crime and street issues were also identified as the top issues needing to be addressed to make Kamloops a more livable city. Some other things identified included an arts centre and increased bike lanes, active transportation options, and affordable housing.

Next week, I will share specific actions related to each of these points as part of what I consider our shared platform which provides the framework for a shared vision.

This vision will look to expand on what was identified as important to you and how we can work together to increase and enhance livability. While we do have some challenges ahead of us, I am also heartened by the love and commitment people have to Kamloops and bettering community together. We are a city of great potential and I look forward to continuing to define what Kamloops will look like both tomorrow and into the horizon.